[testimonial name=”Henry Cavill” image=”291″ subtitle=”CEO” company=”Soha Corp”]John Doe and his crew are true craftsmen that produced high-quality work and were easy to work with too. The end result is magnificent and we get comments all of the time, from friends and strangers alike, how beautiful our home is.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Kevill Ng” image=”336″ subtitle=”Client”]Working with John Doe and his team was a pleasure. They balanced the architectural vision and the project realities beautifully, had a deep understanding of our priorities, and operated responsively and professionally to all matters. The blend of her personal style and an understanding of ours led to a beautiful, practical, and unique home.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Nancy Dolensek” image=”337″ subtitle=”Executive Director”]After a number of disappointing relationships with other architectural firms, the firm HnK came into our lives, with John Doe as the lead architect, and our world of theatre took a dramatic and extraordinary turn…the design is not only strikingly beautiful but an innovative response to a puzzling task and extremely sensitive to its environs[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Denny Kwan” image=”335″ subtitle=”Design Partner”]John Doe and his staff of talented architects have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other design consultants and general contractors to ensure that all of the client’s vision, program, and objectives are met. I have had the opportunity to work with John Doe on numerous small and large complex projects and have been impressed with John Doe’s ability to manage teams, her careful attention to details, and her passion for great design and architecture that lead to successful projects.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”David Phan” image=”293″ subtitle=”Founder” company=”Uma”]The reason we like dealing with HnK Architects is because they respond quickly and if there is no chance of obtaining planning they will tell you on day one. They will not waste your money if there is no hope so that to me is fair play.[/testimonial]
[testimonial name=”Dos Santos” image=”292″ subtitle=”CEO” company=”PS Decor”] We had a vision, a budget and a very short timeline. John Doe and his crew came in and said yes to all three. It’s rare you are able to have an awesome space you love built for you, without hidden costs, and delivered the exact day promised. [/testimonial]