Overspray is any airborne contaminant, usually from the result of painting projects or industrial fallout that is capable of blowing and landing on any surface, such as your vehicle. Although most people define Overspray in conjunction with paint and industrial fallout, overspray can also include bugs and road tar.

Having Overspray on your vehicle prohibits sealants and waxes to penetrate the clear coat, which means less protection from the elements of the earth, such as sun, rain, etc..

Overall, having overspray on your vehicle can be harmful to your paints finish.


It is very easy to determine if you do have Overspray on your vehicle.

In most cases, you can actually see the spots on your vehicle. Especially if the Overspray is a contrasting color of your vehicle. That is; if you have a black vehicle and someone was painting a building nearby using white paint, you will clearly see the paint spots on your vehicle.

However, in many cases you cannot actually see the overspray, which is why many people do not even know that they have it on their vehicle.This being the case, one of the easiest ways to check if your vehicle actually has overspray is simple. After a thorough exterior cleaning, slide your hand across multiple sections of your vehicle and feel for any rough areas which can feel like a very fine sheet of sand paper. Additionally, you may be able to hear your hand sliding back and forth as you glide over the contaminated area.

If you have no Overspray, your paint’s finish should feel smooth to the touch.


There are many different thoughts on removing overspray from your vehicle, however, most experts would agree that using a clay bar process, is the most effective and safest way to remove any contaminants on your paints finish.

The process begins with an exterior wash of the vehicle. Then, using a clay bar and starting with one section of the vehicle, you gently maneuver the clay in a back & forth motion over the vehicle. As you maneuver the clay bar around the vehicle, the clay bar will pick up and remove any contaminants off your paints finish safely without damaging the paint and clear coat. This process is repeated over and over, one section at a time, until all contaminants are removed.

During this process, there are two things that are very important: First – The vehicle must be kept wet at all times. This allows the clay bar to glide across the surfaces of your vehicle with ease.

Second – As you see the clay bar picking up the contaminants, you have to knead the clay so that you are using a smooth side of it.

You are now getting to the final steps for the Overspray Removal: After all the contaminants are off the vehicle, it is necessary to wash the exterior again. This will remove the excess film that the clay bar leaves behind.

Then thoroughly dry the vehicle with a synthetic chamois.

Once the vehicle is completely dry and all the contaminants are removed, simply apply a thick coat of a high grade wax. It is recommended to use a Micro Fiber towel to remove the wax, as this will reduce the risk of scratching your vehicle.

Note – As some contaminants are more aggressive than others (ie; concrete), hairline scratches may appear on the vehicle during the clay process. In these instances, a high speed buff would be needed on the vehicle prior to applying the wax.

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